Alex Dominguez - State Representative-Elect

In the last several days, I have been asked by many residents in the district about my stance is on redrawing the education district boundaries. I have not, to date, received a copy of any resolution asking me to file legislation to change school district boundaries. That being said, it appears to me that the primary motivation for such legislation is to address public education funding. 

            Both Governor Abbot and Speaker Pro Tem Bonnen have told us that public education funding will be the top priority for this session. With that in mind, I ask all school districts to allow me and my fellow representatives to work to that end before we start changing school district boundaries.


            As a former educator, I understand the pressures on your time especially these last two weeks. I support public education and all of its employees. I do not favor one type of school over any other including charters for one simple reason: statewide our students, especially the economically disadvantaged students, need to receive a top notch education. Our schools and their employees need to be given every tool to succeed. Texas ranks in the lowest quartile for per-student funding. I will support tapping into the state’s “Rainy Day Fund” to secure the resources needed to raise this level of funding. I will also be involved in legislation to fix our broken system of funding public education.


            In regards to the TRS Pension Fund, there are currently two competing ideas on how to provide pension relief. My view is to let TRS members vote to select the system that provides the greatest relief without necessarily pushing them towards a system created to primarily favor the investment brokers. Furthermore, I would at a bare minimum support a cost of living increase locked to the rate of inflation per annum as declared by the Federal Reserve.


            TRS Care has not been adequately addressed in over 15 years. It seems unfair that health care for retired teachers receives disparate treatment compared to retired state employees. All state employees deserve quality health care even after retirement. Every year TRS Care members are paying more and more out of pocket. While this problem is also attributed to the uncontrolled rise in medical insurance rates, the market can provide assistance. I would ask colleagues to help find solutions and to even consider bringing TRS Care members into the state retired employees health insurance pool. With economies of scale, this should help lower TRS Care member’s average health insurance premium and deductible.


            I am also interested in meeting with educators after the election to discuss their ideas on how to improve public education. If things continue the way they are, future educators might be discouraged from entering this honorable field. Lack of quality candidates in the future only hurts the quality of education for our student. In my mind, students come first.


            I understand that the state union has endorsed my opponent. They did this without even speaking with me. I find that this decision is not inline with our democratic values. I will not hold it against the union. I am certain my opponent exerted pressure. I don’t believe in exerting threats or fear to stay in office. And I believe that I am the better candidate to advocate for you. Help me send an educator to Austin.



Alex Dominguez

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