Alex Dominguez - State Representative

The Education Bottom Line

            I grew up attending public schools just like many of you. We know that full day pre-K would have helped many of our classmates be able to read and succeed in school. We also know that we would like to increase teacher pay so that teachers don't need to work two jobs to make ends meet. We also know that cafeteria workers, school bus drivers, and counselors work hard to provide support to our teachers and students. That's why I worked hard to include more in what ultimately was passed as HB3. But we can still do more.


            As a former educator, I support public education and all of its employees. I do not favor one type of school over any other including charters for one simple reason: statewide our students, especially the economically disadvantaged students, need to receive a top notch education. I like solutions to create educational equality - not finger-pointng and whining. 


            I am also interested in meeting with educators after the election to discuss their ideas on how to improve public education and school safety. If things continue the way they are, future educators might be discouraged from entering this honorable field. Lack of quality candidates in the future only hurts the quality of education for our student. In my mind, students come first.


Alex Dominguez

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