Jobs & Workforce Development

Too many in South Texas are forced to look north for jobs that pay enough to provide for their families. Alex knows we can do better, and it starts by ensuring opportunities to develop trade skills through initiatives like TRAIN and recruiting new business to take advantage of our region’s limitless potential.

Public Education

Alex began his career as a teacher and many of his siblings remain in the profession. He knows the importance of public education. It is how he became a successful teacher and then an attorney. That’s why he’s committed to increasing teacher pay, increasing per-pupil investment, and why he’ll reform a high stakes testing system that fails to account for Covid-19 learning loss. Alex will stand up for teachers, students, and families, and make sure that our public education system remains public and no state funds go to private schools for the wealthy.

Infrastructure & Transportation

At each level of government, Alex has raised funds and crafted bills for everything from streetlights and playgrounds to drainage systems and ports. In the Texas Senate, he’ll continue to ensure that South Texas gets the infrastructure it needs to keep pace with a growing population.


As Vice Chair of the House Committee on Environmental Regulation, Alex recognizes the need to balance decisive action on climate change and the need to protect our industry jobs in Texas. He will work to protect our environment, take action on climate change, and usher in a new era of energy in Texas without costing jobs.

Public Health

As the first of his siblings to be born in a hospital, Alex understands the need to expand access and reduce the cost of healthcare in South Texas. That’s why he supports Medicaid expansion and will work across the aisle to find a Texas solution to the public health crises facing our state. Alex is supportive of all Texans having access to healthcare and believes we should ensure access to a full range of pregnancy-related care, from contraception to abortion to postpartum care.

Public Safety

Alex believes in the rule of law and has been an ardent champion for law enforcement and our first responders throughout his career. Most recently, he helped secure funding for a law enforcement training center in South Texas and worked to fund grant programs for local law enforcement to secure funding they need to keep our families and communities safe.