Alex Dominguez - State Representative-Elect

Our Immediate Plans 

The 86th Legislative Session began on January 8, 2019 with our swearing in ceremony at the Capitol. We have already begun working by holding town halls and informal meetings with various local stakeholders such as superintendents, elected officials, and interested community members. We will continue to meet with local groups throughout the legislative session.

We have also made efforts to meet with fellow colleagues from both parties. Working toward common ground, I believe that we can do much to improve our district and Texas.

Pending Legislation 

We have filed 32 bills not including those which we co-authored with other representatives. We have filed bills to help students, teachers, Veterans, disabled Texans, law enforcement, and thoe seeking to improve their job training We will work hard for you.


As your Cameron County Commissioner, I knew what was to listen to people, address their concerns, look at the laws or regulations, and try to find reasonable answers to their problems. I have enjoyed meeting people in and out of my district to work together to find solutions.  

Staffing and Volunteer Opportunities

I am very lucky that I was able to find incredible staff because I did not have a November opponent. I am fully hired for the time being. As session begins to end, we will be looking for volunteers that could lead to paid positions. More details will follow as the time approaches.

Join Us

With your ideas, we can change this district for the better. Let me work for you to help create jobs, improve our quality of life and provide affordable housing, improve our education system, and help our local veterans and military families. We can't stay at home. Together we can improve tomorrow.


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