Alex Dominguez for Texas HD 37

Leadership. Trust. Experience.

Texas House District 37 has long represented both rural and urban areas. It has strong public schools, ports of entry into the United States, and miles of recreational areas. We have ranches and farms but also city offerings.

HD 37 spans from the southernmost tip of Texas up to the coastline to the border with Kenedy County west past Raymondville and back down to La Feria before going south to Rancho Viejo. It represents opportunity.

I was raised in South Texas and will humbly serve it and its people with honor and duty. I will stay strong to do what is right both for its people and the region. I represented HD 37 for four years before redistricting gerrymandered me out. But I’m back in the District and I know we can flip it back Blue.

I humbly ask for your support.   – Alex

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On March 5th, vote for Alex Dominguez for HD 37.