Alex Dominguez for Texas HD 37

Campaign Issues

So many issues face South Texas. Alex can tackle them and make our community a better place.

Education – Just Say No to Vouchers

Alex began his career as a teacher and many of his siblings remain in the profession. Public education is  how he became a successful teacher and then an attorney. That’s why he’s committed to increasing teacher pay, increasing per-pupil investment, and why he’ll reform a high stakes testing system. Alex will stand up for teachers, students, and families, and make sure that our public education system remains public and no state funds go to private schools for the wealthy. His policy positions are as follows:

  • Secure increased funding for public schools
  • Eliminate unpaid/underpaid test prep time
  • Stop Vouchers
  • Support collective bargaining
  • Protect the retirement promise for our teachers
  • Let teachers teach. Let Counselors counsel 
  • Let’s stop teaching to the test

Public Safety & Immigration

Alex believes in the rule of law and has been a strong champion for law enforcement and our first res throughout his career. Most recently, he helped secure funding for a law enforcement training center in South Texas and worked to fund grant programs for local law enforcement to secure funding they need to keep our families and communities safe. Alex has filed bills to help the first responders who kept us all safe during the pandemic.

We need to support our front line protectors like the US Border Patrol and CBP. I support legal immigration to the United States. But we have to follow the rules. No shortcuts.

Jobs & Workforce Development

Too many in South Texas are forced to look north for jobs that pay enough to provide for their families. Alex knows we can do better, and it starts by ensuring opportunities to develop trade skills through initiatives like TRAIN and recruiting new business to take advantage of our region’s limitless potential.

We need to invest in our public schools and local colleges to train our medical professionals, welders, pipe-fitters, and advanced manufacturers of tomorrow. We can create these good paying jobs here. And we should. 

Flood Prevention

As a County Commissioner, Alex experienced first hand the damage that flooding can cause without proper infrastructure in place to deal with excessive rainfall. Working with the Cameron County Commissioners Court as witnesses in Austin before the Natural Resources Committee, Alex passed legislation that created the Cameron County Flood Control District. This will help put in place the tools and infrastructure needed to help those areas in Cameron County that do not have flooding mitigation plans in place. 
However, flooding has greatly affected Willacy County and the mid-valley for quite some time. If elected, I will file legislation to create a regional solution to address flooding. Let’s make flooding a thing of the past for the entire Rio Grande Valley. 


Hurricanes and storms do not recognize city or county lines. We need to work together as a region to find solutions.


On March 5th, vote for Alex Dominguez for State Representative.